Politics Quick Takes

Time to Own It, GOP

Republicans keep denying violence against Democrats. The regular recipe is to blame it on a conspiracy.

For example, January 6th was blamed on “Antifa”, despite the overwhelming number of Trump supporters being arrested and charged.

More recently, Paul Pelosi’s violent assault was blamed on an alleged gay prostitute despite the man being formally charged and a criminal complaint filed in which the perpetrator verbally confessed the crime to law enforcement.

It’s past time for the GOP to own up to the fact that the Democrats have been the recipients of violence, and that said violence needs to be condemned by the GOP in the strongest terms possible.

Pretending something doesn’t exist is a Democrat tactic, and conservatives ought to be above it.

Quick Takes

Investigate the Tall Accusations

I’ve noticed pushback regarding tall allegations of wrongdoing, particularly among conservative politicians and pastors. I’ve heard the pushback take shapes like “that’s defamation” or “careful that we don’t spread gossip”.

There is a better option: require investigation and accountability among ourselves, and condemn any outright refusal on the part of the accused to be investigated and accountable. And the accused should be held with the same amount of reasonable suspicion that we cast upon liberal politicians and pastors accused of the same wrongdoing.

If this amount of suspicion for one of our own is too much for you, then perhaps you have held your liberal friends in more suspicion than was moral?